Head Over Heels Performance Troupe

Add a little sizzle and spice to your next event with the Head Over Heels Aerial & Dance Performance Troupe!  We feature exciting, jaw-dropping and empowering forms of dance & movement specializing in aerial pole dance as well as aerial & partner acrobatics. Give your event attendees an experience they will be talking about for years to come with your customized Head Over Heels performance booking!

Head Over Heels seeks to have pole dance fitness, aerial arts & partner acrobatics brought mainstream as a fun, inspiring & creative performance art form. Our performance troupe is comprised of Aradia Fitness team members who perform solo, group and doubles acts. HOH members have performed across the country including RAWArtists Showcase, ABSfest Asheville, Michigan Aerial Arts Showcase, International Pole Fitness Convention and America’s Got Talent. We also perform locally in a variety of events including fashion shows, upscale restaurant entertainment, burlesque & variety shows, poetry events, college alumni reunions and more.

Our performances are customized to your events’ specific needs ranging from featured solo and/or group performances… as dinner ambiance for an up-scale “taste of Vegas” experience… to a sexy backdrop to your fashion show with our shadow box dancing.

Send us an email to cary@aradiafitness.com for booking information! Below is a list of available performing apparatus’ which Head Over Heels can bring to your event & utilize.


Pole Dance (portable freestanding stages)
Lyra/Aerial Hoop (suspended from rigging point)
“Lollipop” or Freestanding Lyra (portable freestanding stage)
Partner Acro-Balancing
Chair/Cabaret Dance
Aerial Fabric (suspended from rigging point)
Shadow Box Dancing (size 8ft x 8ft shadow screen)