Class Descriptions

With foundations in yoga, pilates and dance, Aradia™ Fitness takes an empowering approach to fitness offering benefits that serve our mind, body and soul. Students gain confidence as they build physical strength, flexibility and conditioning. Students also gain a sense of wellness as they learn to adore, celebrate and flaunt every part of their body. Classes are open to movers & shakers from all walks of life – our clients are comprised of all ages, fitness levels, sizes, races, religions, genders, & sexual orientation alike. We can’t wait to help you become Strong, Fit, and Confident and to have you as part of our community!

Please read below for descriptions of our currently offered classes. For information on attending classes, we recommend visiting our FAQ page, the Pricing page for rates & packages, as well as our Class Schedule page to view our upcoming classes.


Levels Pole 1 – Pole 7

Each of these structured sessions gives our students a solid foundation in pole dancing & sensual movement. These classes are lively, sexy, and fun! Beginner classes incorporate the Aradia Fitness floor workout (our sexy take on Yoga) as well fundamental pole dance transitions, spins, tricks and strength building exercises.  Clients must attend at least eight (8) classes of each level before being eligible to advance to the next level.  For safety reasons, Aradia Fitness requires all clients to pass an assessment prior to advancing.  Clients are welcome to attend any Pole Level class at their current approved level or any lower level.

Aradia Fitness also offers three Mixed-Level pole dance class options for clients to attend in addition to their structured pole level class – Beginner Pole (Pole 1 & Pole 2), Pole 2eXceL (modified Pole 1-4), Intermediate Pole (Pole 3 & Pole 4) and Advanced Pole (Pole 5, 6, & 7). Mixed level classes may count towards a student’s 8 class minimum for pole advancement & assessment.


** IMPORTANT ** First-time pole dance students must begin with a “Teaser: Intro to Pole Dance Class”. After completion of your Teaser class, you will then be eligible to attend any Pole 1 or Beginner Pole class on the schedule. During your first class, your instructor will give you an overview of how clients can progress through their pole journey at Aradia Fitness!


** IMPORTANT ** Clients who are a first-time visitor to Aradia Fitness, but already have pole dance experience, should email us at prior to your first class for an email consultation & level placement. We welcome pole enthusiasts from near & far to train with us at Aradia Fitness!

Class Descriptions