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Having a hard time moving at home?

Whether you lack the pole, aerial, or fitness equipment you need at home… or if you need the motivation of one-on-one coaching…. Aradia Fitness Triangle is here to help.

Swing on over to a new feature – an online booking calendar dedicated solely to private lessons, personal training, and studio rentals.

Here’s how it works:


2- Select the service type you are looking for

3- Find a day & time slot that works for your schedule

4- Book & pay online

5 – One of the studio owners, Dakota Fox or Janine Cooper, will be at your appointment to coach you in your lesson or let you into the studio


Social distancing & health guidelines will be strictly adhered to at all times. Staff members will wear a mask during any interactions with you.

During private pole or aerial lessons, we require participants to wear a mask as well. During personal training sessions, you may request to hold the sessions indoors or outdoors.

Masks are not required for participants during personal training sessions due to the higher exertion & aerobic activity involved.

Masks must be worn by participants when entering or exiting the studio, or interacting with staff members. Temperature checks will be conducted upon your arrival.

Please do NOT visit the studio if you are feeling ill, exhibiting signs of COVID19, or think you have been exposed to someone with COVID19. Medical/Illness exceptions will be made for late cancels on a case-by-case basis.

We ask that you follow designated traffic patterns during your visit, including specified entrances & exits.

15 minutes will be blocked off at the end of each session to allow for deep cleaning of all areas & equipment used.

During private studio rentals, general fitness equipment and poles may used for no additional fee. If you would like to utilize one of our aerial apparatuses, an additional $15 fee will be charged for the use of & additional deep cleaning of the equipment.

No more than two (2) persons are permitted to share a private studio rental. Exercising with other persons indoors, especially without wearing a mask, is done so at your own risk.

Terms & Conditions

All sales final. No refunds, credits or exchanges will be allowed for any booked services.

A $20 fee will be assessed for any late cancels or no shows.

Appointments may be canceled or rescheduled online via the Square Appointments Calendar no later than 24 hours in advance.

Please do not enter the studio more than five (5) minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. If attending a 30-minute personal training session, we recommend warming up prior to entering the studio so as to maximize the full session time.

New Class Debut – Bounce’n’Burn

You’ve asked for it… and we are making it happen. A new class is coming to Aradia Fitness Triangle in August – Bounce’n’Burn!



This class is all about rebound fitness – utilizing specially designed boots called Kangoo Jumps. Believe it or not, by using these boots you create an incredibly LOW IMPACT fitness experience..

Want to be the first to know when classes have launched? Sign up for the advanced notification list by clicking the link below 👇:



You may be asking yourself 🤔”Why should I try this class”?

Studies described and documented in the book , “The Ultimate Exercise for the New Millennium”, proves regular rebounding can:

1️⃣ Reduce your body fat

2️⃣ Firm your arms

3️⃣ Benefit the shape of your legs, hips and abdomen

4️⃣ Improve your balance

5️⃣ Stimulate your lymphatic system

6️⃣ Protect your joints

7️⃣ Strengthen your muscles and bones without the trauma of hitting a hard surface

8️⃣ Provide an aerobic effect for your cardiopulmonary systems



Classes will be held outdoors in the parking lot of Aradia Fitness Cary. We’ll also host pop-up classes around the Triangle and private group events!

Black Lives Matter.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere…Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”

The late, great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote these words from a Birmingham Jail in 1963. And, yet, those words still hold true today as 2020 continues to run its course.

2020 has jokingly become our “Year of the Apocalypse,” things unfolding, shaking up our country, and even our world. We live in a time where masks are a part of the daily outfit, hand-washing is done on repeat until our hands become raw, the fear of “killer” hornets hovers in the back of our minds, where buying toilet paper is like hitting the lottery, and everyday tasks aren’t so every day anymore.

This uncertainty of 2020 continues…and now, with the current racial and political climate, we continue being at a standstill.

We, at Aradia Fitness Triangle, are saddened with the current events that have unfolded in the recent weeks and months. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those who have lost loved ones, but especially to the families of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd.

The racial dynamic of our country runs deep within our history as Americans. From slavery to lynching, to being called racial slurs, African-Americans have endured much in a country in which they helped to create. In a society that has often times ignored the plight of African-Americans, we say no more. It is long past time to stand strong & accept nothing less the #equalityforall and #justiceforall ⚖️ Black Lives Matter! .

We must come together to keep our communities safe, to prevent these injustices from happening, and stand strong for all of our brothers and sisters. What has been happening could easily have been one us, one of you, or someone you know. It is not okay. It should not happen. And it cannot happen again. .

We see you.
We hear you.
We stand with you.

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