For a Healthy, Happy Holiday Season…

Written by Andi Wolfgang, CHHP on December 1, 2015


The internet is full of diet advice for this time of year. I just finished reading “9 Healthy Holiday-Eating Strategies”, which (no lie) included feel-good tips like:


“Weigh yourself daily to make yourself eat less throughout the day.”

“Put on your skinny jeans once a week to remind yourself to eat less.”

“Stand 10 feet away from the snack table at a party to keep from snacking.”


My best nutritional advice during the holidays can be summed up in 3 words:




Don’t make yourself feel bad! What good does that do? We all know the holidays come with family obligations and expectations, as well as a lot of food and alcohol, so we are bound to gain a pound or two. This year, I say welcome the holidays with open arms while doing your best and keeping the following tips in mind.


  • Don’t overeat (or over-drink) too often.
  • Eat vegetables every day.
  • Exercise 3 or more times per week, preferably more!
  • Drink a lot of water every day.
  • Get plenty of sleep and relaxation.
  • Enjoy every bite you eat without guilt!
  • Take time for yourself.
  • Spend time with people you love.


In other words, don’t change anything! Just be your healthy, happy self! Do your best to maintain balance just like during every other day of the year. We already know that unhealthy food choices should be minimized, and we already know we have to take responsibility for our choices. Nothing changes over the holidays. DO YOUR BEST in every situation and be happy with your choices.

Andi Wolfgang, Holistic Health Coach

Andi Wolfgang

About Andi

Andi Wolfgang is a certified holistic health coach living in Raleigh. She received her training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the Transformation Institute. She is currently getting her Master’s in Nutrition Science and Policy through Tufts University. She works with individuals and groups to enhance their health and wellness, with a focus on detoxification and lifestyle makeovers. Prior to moving to Raleigh, she lived in Tokyo, Japan for 6 years where she and her sister opened Manna Raw Vegan Restaurant and Nama Kiss Chocolate and held countless events, recipe classes, lectures, and workshops throughout the country. She has personally healed numerous allergies and lost 60 pounds through detox and making changes to her diet and lifestyle. She enjoys cooking, the beach, and exercise of all kinds, especially pole fitness! www.andiwolfgang.com