Jan '17


10 Benefits of Dance

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Dance classes have long been a favorite for people looking to get into shape and increase their overall health and well-being.  Many gyms across America are offering and beginning to provide their clients with dance-related classes.  There are many different styles of dance, each with a unique culture and style.  No matter what style you… Read more »

Dec '15


How Curves Help With Pole

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How Curves Help With Pole Originally posted on BadKitty USA Website Article written by Pippi Parnasse+ on November 30, 2015 Most fitness programs tout weight loss more loudly than any other benefit. Pole is a great way to lose weight too, and maybe that’s why you got into it to begin with. But a funny… Read more »

Jul '15


17 Problems Only a Pole Dancer Will Understand

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Posted on December 5, 2014 by Article written by Natalie Roberts and originally posted at   Taking up pole dancing is brilliant – I’ve loved it since my very first lesson, and couldn’t imagine my life without pole in it, but there are a number of problems every pole dancer will experience at some point… Read more »