Mar '17


Healthy Recipes to Boost Your Workout

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Physical activity is crucial to maintaining a healthy body, but some days you just can’t seem to power through that workout.  Part of the reason people lose steam halfway through a workout is because they’re not giving their body the proper nutrients it needs to perform at its best.  What you eat before and after… Read more »

Feb '17


This Body, This Journey

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There’s a question that constantly has my wheels turning and I’ve always asked myself this question in particular…”How can I be seen as being plus-sized if I’m an athletic and active person?”  Everyone’s definition and meaning of the words “plus-sized” are different.  What one person sees as plus-sized, may not necessarily mean that to another. … Read more »

Jan '17


10 Benefits of Dance

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Dance classes have long been a favorite for people looking to get into shape and increase their overall health and well-being.  Many gyms across America are offering and beginning to provide their clients with dance-related classes.  There are many different styles of dance, each with a unique culture and style.  No matter what style you… Read more »